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    Become a Commuter Connections user to access four free rides each year in the event of an emergency or unscheduled overtime.

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    Join the 255,000+ DC-area employees that telework on a daily basis to help reduce the region’s traffic and emissions.

  • Buy a SmarTrip® Card

    Purchase a WMATA SmarTrip® card to be used interchangeably throughout Washington, Baltimore and the surrounding region.

  • Try Traveling by Scooter

    Scooting is a new sustainable mobility option in the District. Follow these rules and safety tips to ensure a safe city for everyone.

  • Travel Sustainably

    Help make our city a better place to live, work, and play! Download our FREE Get Around Guide for a list of sustainable transportation options in DC. 


Many DC employers offer financial assistance, tools and incentives that save you money, time and stress on your commute. Commuter benefits include tax-free subsidies, corporate Capital Bikeshare memberships and telework arrangements. Ask your HR department which benefits are available to you.

Organizations with 20 or more employees in the District of Columbia are required to offer commuter benefits to their employees. This Law could help you save up to $1,000 a year on your commute costs.

  • Most commonly, employers allow you to set aside up to $270 per month on a pre-tax basis to cover commuting costs by public transit or vanpooling.
  • Many employers also choose to offer a tax-free subsidy for transit up to $270 per month.
  • Employees who participate in an employer-provided bicycle benefits program will have to report the benefit as taxable income.

Download this Justification Letter to communicate to your employer that setting up a commuter benefits program is mutually beneficial. You can also share our Employer Commuter Benefits Toolkit with your employer and encourage them to contact goDCgo’s Employer Services team—we’re happy to walk them through the setup process. Compliance with the law is mandatory. If your employer has 20+ employees but does not offer commuter benefits, contact the DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) Office of Wage-Hour at 202.671.1880 or

Employers may offer a wide variety of benefits to make commuting easier, such as:

  • Tax-free subsidized transit benefits, up to $270/month, for use on Metro, buses, commuter rail and vanpools
  • Bicycle Commuter Benefit, for bike-related commute expenses
  • Free or discounted Capital Bikeshare memberships for employees’ use on commute and personal trips
  • Free or discounted car-sharing memberships for employee’s to access shared vehicles throughout the city

Employers may also provide innovative programs, including:

  • Telework, where employees work from home or another remote location
  • Flex/alternative work schedules, where work hours can be shifted so staff can beat rush hour or compressed to a 3 or 4 day workweek
  • Ride-matching assistance, where employers pair commuters with similar routes to form a carpool or vanpool
  • Parking cash-out, where employers give cash in lieu of a parking spot

Employers may offer on-site amenities, including:

  • Bike storage and lockers
  • Showers
  • Real-time transit displays

Savings on your commute will depend on the type of commuter benefits program offered by your employer. In general, employees who participate in a pre-tax commuter benefit can expect to save up to 35-40% per month. Contact your HR department for your programs’ specifics.

Enrolling in a commuter benefits program is usually fast and easy. Consult your organization’s HR department to learn about existing commuter benefits programs. If your workplace does not currently offer these benefits, use our template justification letter to communicate that setting up a program is mutually beneficial. You can also share our Employer Commuter Benefits Toolkit and let goDCgo’s Employer Services team walk your employer through the setup process.


Washington, DC is heavily invested in providing affordable, alternative transportation options to residents across all eight wards of the city, regardless of income. To help meet that goal, DC has a number of transportation programs that provide discounted access to Capital Bikeshare, dockless vehicles such as scooters, and others.


Now that you’ve already been rolling on two wheels, try riding a scooter! Scooting has become a popular sustainable mobility option in the District. Follow these rules and safety tips to ensure a safe city for everyone.



Finding a good route is important when you are trying to get around the region by bike. Fortunately, there are maps, apps, websites and tools to help you find your way. Listed below are some of our favorites. We are always looking for great apps and resources to add to our collection. Contact us with your suggestions.

State & District Maps

  • District of Columbia Bike Map PDF 22.5mb
  • Maryland Bike Map PDF 3.61mb
  • State of Virginia Bike Map PDF 8.57mb

City & County Maps

  • Arlington County, VA Bike Map PDF 3.8mb
  • City of Alexandria, VA Bike Map PDF 20.42mb
  • Fairfax County, VA Bike Map
  • Montgomery County, MD Bike Map PDF 2.66mb
  • Prince George’s County, MD Bike Map PDF 4.02mb
  • City of Takoma Park, MD Bike Map PDF 2.4mb

To order a printed version, visit For bulk copies, visit our brochure requests center.

  • Allows you to view all station locations and the number of available bikes and docks, purchase a pass, unlock a bike, and ride right away!

  • Citymapper

    Available on:   iOS Android

    The ultimate transport app that uses open data, mobile, and payment technology to make transport sustainable and hassle free; particularly useful for bike and dock availability.

  • CityMotion

    Available on:   iOS Android

    You’ll be able to get real-time information for all your mobility options anywhere and everywhere you go. Data is sorted by what’s most useful at the exact time and moment you open the app.

  • A robust, interactive transit map that shows metropolitan DC’s complete bike network. From bike-friendly roads to dirt paths and trails, this handy tool will help you get going on two wheels.

  • Helbiz

    Available on:   iOS Android

    Helbiz is your new urban mobility partner. Simply tap to instantly unlock, ride, and leave your e-bike anywhere for the next person to use.

  • Web tool identifying bike parking locations throughout the Washington, DC region.

  • Web tool helping you find safer bike routes.

  • Ride Report tracks your miles, maps your routes, and awards ride streaks for your daily errands and commutes.

  • Strava

    Available on:   iOS Android

    Social network connecting runners and cyclists through the sports they love.

  • Transit

    Available on:   iOS Android

    Transit is your real-time urban travel companion. Get accurate real-time predictions, simple trip planning, step-by-step navigation, service disruption notifications, and departure and stop reminders. You can also easily find and grab the closest bikeshare.

  • Map specializing in bike shops, trail access, incidents, and DC routes.



The metro DC area offers a robust network of local and regional bus systems getting you to and around the city. Explore your options below to find a route that works best for you. We’re on the hunt for additional apps and resources to add to our collection. Contact us with your suggestions.

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Whether you’re traveling by train, Metrorail or streetcar, the below maps, apps, websites and tools will help you find your way around the region by rail. Have an app or resource suggestion? Contact us with the details!

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Today, travelling by car doesn’t need to mean travelling alone. Share the ride, hail a cab or borrow a vehicle using the apps and tools below. See something missing? Let us know!

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Did you know DC is the 7th most walkable city in the nation? Take advantage of the region’s pedestrian network by tapping into the below websites, maps and tools. Have something to add? Reach out with your suggestions.

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Looking to change up your commute? Our map has all of the information you need to plan out a new route.




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Thinking about carpooling but not sure where to start? You’re in luck! With a rideshare database and guaranteed ride home, Commuter Connections can help make carpooling easy. 

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