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If you have questions or comments, or if you are a District employer, residential property or hotel and would like to request information about our programs, please fill out the form and a goDCgo representative will respond as soon as possible.

Meet Our Team

  • Katy manages the District Department of Transportation’s TDM program and initiatives. She has a masters degree in Transportation Planning from UNC-Chapel Hill and is dedicated to reaching DDOT’s goal of 75% sustainable commute trips by 2032.



    Katy Lang

    Transportation Planner (T.D.M.) Policy, Planning & Sustainability Administration, DDOT

  • Danelle directs and manages the day-to-day operations of the goDCgo program. She has a master’s degree in Public Administration from San Francisco State University. It is her goal to deliver an effective TDM program that supports the vision of the District and improves the quality of life of commuters and beyond.



    Danelle Carey

    goDCgo Program Director

  • Doriann Helps manager the Employers Services Program, working with District employers find sustainable transportation to their commuting challenges. She wants to make DC an event better place to live, work and play by making sustainable transportation easy and accessible. Call Doriann with your commuter benefit questions.



    Doriann Apice

    Employer Outreach Coordinator

  • Jessica helps manage the Employer Services Program, working with District employers find sustainable transportation to their commuting challenges. She loves the DC area and people, and is passionate about making this region even more sustainable, accessible, and equitable. Contact Jessica regarding any employer commuting questions, comments, or concerns.


    Jessica Lin

    Employer Outreach Coordinator

  • Lessie manages residential and hospitality outreach for goDCgo. She can help your location offer additional amenities through complimentary transportation consulting services tailored to the needs of your property and hotel. It is Lessie's goal to make the transportation experience accessible, sustainable and enjoyable for all.



    Lessie Henderson

    Residential & Hospitality Outreach Coordinator

  • Priscilla manages the school outreach for goDCgo with a goal of reducing drive-alone trips in the D.C. She holds an M.S. in Sustainability Management from American University and has dedicated her career to promoting sustainable transportation options for school districts. At goDCgo, she collaborates with private, public, and charter schools to develop tailored transportation programs that encourage sustainable commuting. Priscilla is committed to advocating, educating, and empowering DC school district students and staff to make sustainable transportation choices. She strives to provide the necessary resources and guidance to ensure that district schools have a robust and sustainable transportation option. Contact Priscilla with any questions, comments, or concerns related to school commuting.



    Priscilla Ranjitkar

    School Outreach Coordinator

  • Samantha oversees goDCgo's marketing efforts. Her goal is to grow goDCgo’s programs and initiatives both in effectiveness and reach through strategic planning, partnerships, innovative techniques.



    Samantha Huff

    Marketing Manager

  • Cate manages the marketing efforts for goDCgo’s School and Employer Services. She is passionate about building a sustainable and equitable future for the DC region. Her goal at goDCgo is to raise awareness about sustainable transportation options for commuters and students across the District.



    Catherine Longino

    Marketing Specialist

  • Necole manages marketing and communications for goDCgo's Hospitality & Tourism and Residential services. With a background in marketing, communications and social media, Necole's goal is to spread awareness about sustainable transportation in D.C. through various marketing platforms and strategies.



    Necole Jackson

    Marketing Specialist

  • Laura works to ensure efficient and safe mobility of commercial vehicles traveling in the District of Columbia while mitigating community impacts and preserving transportation infrastructure.



    Laura MacNeil

    Freight & Urban Delivery Planner


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