Travel Training

Confident Travel Starts Here

Confident Travel Starts Here

goDCgo’s Travel Training is a complimentary service for multi-family properties in the District, that aims to educate DC residents on how to independently travel using sustainable transportation such as, public transit, Capital Bikeshare, scooters, carpool/vanpool, rideshare, and walking.

Through travel training, goDCgo will help your residents build their confidence and enable them to feel comfortable using the sustainable transportation options offered in the District. This can increase their access to employment, education, grocery stores, and much more.



1. Schedule a Consultation

Fill out our interest form and our travel trainer will reach out to schedule a consultation. The form and consultation will help determine needs, interest and abilities, and logistics.

2. Promote to Your Residents

Promote the Travel Training session to your residents. goDCgo will provide you with promotional materials (flyers, email templates), and sign-up forms.

3. Hold Your Session

Our travel training instructor will provide both classroom-style training and field excursion for your residents resulting in confident travel not only to and from your property, but around the District.

Why Travel Training?

Increased Resident Satisfaction & Engagement

Increased Resident Satisfaction & Engagement

Residents that know how to access your transportation amenities and how to navigate to and from your property easily, tend to be more satisfied. Increase resident satisfaction and engagement by hosting a travel training session to educate your residents on how they can travel independently throughout the District and utilize your transportation amenities. 

Earn Recognition

Earn Recognition

Hosting a travel training session can help you become a goDCgo Transportation All-Star or level-up in the program. Through the program you can win awards from goDCgo, get special recognition at our yearly award ceremony, and get the change to be featured in our newsletters and success story. 

Become a Sustainable Community

Become a Sustainable Community

Build your image as a forward thinking, sustainable property committed to decreasing traffic congestion and improving air quality in the District by offering travel training to your residents and encouraging sustainable travel.

What Residents Will Learn

In goDCgo’s Travel Training session, your residents will gain knowledge on navigating their nearby transportation options to better understand how they can maximize their travel choices. 

Residents will learn:

  • How to navigate nearby public transportation safely and effectively
  • Basics to prepare for travel, like trip planning, commute necessities, and cost 
  • Senior and low-income discount programs available in the District

Learning objectives subject to change based on customization requests



The educational classroom portion will be an hour-long presentation customized to your residents needs. The presentation will cover the different transportation options available in the District and how to use them. Depending on your properties demographics, we can include information about accessibility programs and low income/senior discount program.

If your property isn’t set up for this type of event goDCgo can work with you to provide the equipment needed (projector) or host the educational portion at a local library instead.

The second part of the travel training session will consist of an hour-long excursion. During the excursion, goDCgo’s travel trainer will lead residents through a hands on experience using public transit, bikeshare, and other transportation options around your property. 

goDCgo will work with you to make sure the excursion is customized to your property and the accessibility needs of your residents. SmarTrip cards and free ride codes will be provided to those that need them to patriciate in the excursion. 


  • Lessie Henderson

    EasterSeals Certified Travel Training Instructor
    goDCgo Residential Outreach Coordinator

Let’s Go, With Lessie!


Lessie Henderson is goDCgo’s Residential Outreach Coordinator and Travel Trainer. As an EasterSeals Certified Travel Training Instructor, Lessie has the knowledge and skills to provide quality travel training to older adults, people with disabilities, and other residents in the District. 

Lessie is passionate about helping others learn how to use sustainable transportation and confidently navigate the District’s transit services. Her goal is to make the transportation experience accessible, sustainable, and enjoyable for all. 

Have questions about travel training? Reach out to Lessie. 




The goDCgo travel training program is free for properties and residents. Travel training is a complimentary service and goDCgo will provide all transportation resources, promotional materials, and session materials.

Yes. Each training session will be customized to fit the needs of your residents, your property goals, and the location. If your property is unable to host the session in person, goDCgo can host a virtual training session via Zoom. The excursion portion of the travel training session will be replicated with videos.

If your property is unable to host the travel training session but would still prefer an in-person training, goDCgo can work with a local library or recreational center to host your travel training session.

The training will last for approximately 2 hours with one hour of “classroom” instruction and one hour field training.

Yes, goDCgo offers accommodations for:

  • People with disabilities
  • Non-English speakers
  • Senior citizens

During your travel training consultation, goDCgo’s travel trainer will go over any accomodations you will need for your session. Additionally, when residents sign up for the session through the sign-up form provided by goDCgo, they can indicate any accommodations they need.

Note: Notice is required for participants planning to attend with a service animal.