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Your telework insights, our telework tips
February 1, 2021

Your telework insights, our telework tips

by Samantha Huff

As the District reopens, many businesses are developing plans to prepare for employees to return to the office. To help us better understand employer needs we  conducted a telework survey in the fall of 2020 to enable us to support organizations with solutions and recommendations to effectively make this transition.  

Here are the findings from the survey: 

  • Over 91% of employers that allow telework, believe it has been successful in their organization. 
  • The majority of employers plan to have their staff continue teleworking after the pandemic 
  • 63% will continue to telework at higher than pre-pandemic levels 
  • 11% will continue to telework at pandemic levels 
  • 20% will continue to telework at some level 

Based on these results we’ve compiled a few recommendations for those employers that plan on reopening in 2021.  
Reopening Telework Recommendations 

As businesses navigate reopening and continue to adapt to the “new normal,” we recommend employers create a formal telework policy and/or increase participation in their existing telework program. As we are amidst a public health emergency, it is important to address the various needs and interests of your employees. Here are some telework options to consider:  
Inclusion of Personal Circumstances 
Consider updating your existing policy to allow options for employees that may not feel comfortable returning to work so soon and/or may have personal circumstances to consider. Find out how your employees feel about returning to the office by conducting a employee commute survey. This is one of many complimentary services offered by goDCgo 
Telework Scheduling  
Another item you can include in your telework policy is an option to allow employees to continue teleworking part-time as businesses reopen and employees return to the office. Employees can slowly return to the office while working from home a few days a week to limit their exposure and build confidence to resume their normal commute 
Flexible Telework
Encourage those employees who are well enough to work but feeling under the weather to work from home instead of coming into the office. This is a simple but essential way employers and employees can do their part to help the District reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Not sure where to start or what telework options you should include? goDCgo can help! Schedule a telework meeting with  one of goDCgo’s Client Services Managers, to get help with crafting your formal telework policy. 

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