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Orange line closure schedule
July 17, 2020

WMATA Platform Improvement – Orange Line Closures

by Anthony Ahn

Though we’re still a couple months away, pre-construction activity has already started for Metro’s Platform Improvement Project this summer. This project will close three Orange Line stations in Virginia from Saturday, May 23 through Monday, September 7, 2020: Vienna, Dunn Loring, and East Falls Church. The West Falls Church Station will also undergo construction but will remain open to customers throughout the summer.

For your employees commuting from Northern Virginia, these closures may cause lateness, frustration, and lowered productivity. But don’t stress, goDCgo is here to help keep you updated and show you the steps you can take to make this summer closure easier on your Northern Virginia employees.

How You Can Help Your Employees:


By establishing a telework policy, your employees can have the option to work remotely during the Orange Line shutdown and eliminate their commute all together. Rest assured, employees will be able to maximize productivity while allowing for business continuity. Your telework arrangement depends on your company needs, and goDCgo can help revamp or implement a telework program that works for both you and your employees.

By defining terms and specifying and generating an agreement, all parties involved will know what to expect when teleworking.


Flexible Schedule

Instead of requiring employees to report to work during standard hours, they can avoid peak commute hours by working on a flexible schedule. goDCgo encourages businesses to consider non-traditional flexible options by either developing non-peak schedules for specific teams who consistently work together or by establishing mid-day core hours for all employees so meetings can be held regardless of start or end times.


goDCgo will keep you updated as new information is available about the construction and alternative travel options to/from the impacted areas.

Interested in additional information, establishing a custom Orange Line shutdown telework plan, or implementing a flexible scheduling policy? Contact goDCgo at 202-299-2186 or info@goDCgo.com.


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