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October 12, 2020

What the latest commute data reveals about happy employees

by Korrea Johnston

The commute can be the most stressful part of an employee’s day – but it doesn’t have to be. Supported by new findings from the 2016 State of the Commute survey, here are some data-driven insights to keep your employees happy:

  • Help employees find the commute amenities near their homes.  Findings show that commuters who live close to transit are more likely to use it, and those close to HOV and Express lanes are more likely to carpool and vanpool. Transit Smiling_on_metro_platform.jpgand ‘pool
    commuters save big and have lower stress levels than those who drive alone, so make sure employees know their options with customized resources and presentations from your goDCgo consultant.
  • Telework programs help ease increasingly long commutes. Commutes are getting longer: the average commute time has increased from 36 to 39 minutes in the past three years. Telework and “compressed work week” programs allow employees to work from home or fit their work hours into fewer days, meaning less time commuting and a better work-life balance. 
  • Your employees are on the move. Forty percent of those who moved or changed jobs in the last year said that commuting was the most important factor in their decision. Don’t lose employees because of difficult commutes – help them find easier commute options from their current home, and consider sponsoring a “live near your work” program to make it even easier.
  • The happiest employees bike and walk to work. Two_people_biking.jpg97% of commuters who bike or walk to work are satisfied with their commutes. Although it’s not feasible for all employees to have an “active commute” the whole way, incorporating Capital Bikeshare from the Metro or a walk to the commuter bus stop can help employees arrive stress-free and ready to work. Check out these 6 Easy Steps to a More Bike-Friendly Workplace.

goDCgo offers complimentary support for all of these initiatives and more. Request your consultation today.



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