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July 16, 2020

The Bright Side to Being Indoors

by Anthony Ahn

Given the current health crisis, our liveliness may seem uncertain, especially not knowing when we’ll be able to roam free again. So, we encourage you to look on the bright side of being indoors and working from home! Whether you need activities to do after your work day or during your free time, there are many ways to keep yourself busy. Use this time to pursue a side business or hobby, binge watch your favorite Netflix series, organize your closet, learn a new language, and all those other things you’ve been saying you want to do but haven’t had the time. Most of all, we encourage you to stay active!

goDCgo suggests doing the following:

  1. Telework* – If your employer has a telework policy, we highly advise you to take advantage and work remotely. Not only can you stay comfortable in your own home, but you can still maintain the same level of productivity. You’ll also save money and have less stress by eliminating your commute altogether. In fact, 82% of telework employees report less stress.
  2. Exercise – Keep yourself on your normal schedule by continuing to wake up early and replace your normal work commute time with some exercise. Yoga and cardio workouts like walking, running, or cycling are especially effective when you first wake up in the morning. Or, VIDA Fitness can bring the gym to you through their online workout library!
  3. Be Social – Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you can still communicate with family, friends, and colleagues via phone and online. Holding meetings using video conferencing or your phone allows you to maintain a sense of social interaction. And of course, there’s social media — this is your opportunity to go deep into those “rabbit holes” of Instagram stories and TikTok videos.
  4. Self-Care – Finally, you can get some “me time!” You’ll save yourself hours by skipping the commute to work. Read a good book (or write one!), watch some climactic movies, explore new recipes, take long baths, try a new hobby… the house is your oyster. By the way, you can’t go wrong with trying a new read from Oprah’s book club list.
  5. Go Green – Eliminating your commute helps to decrease traffic congestion and improves air quality, which makes a greener DC. Simply by staying inside, you’re becoming a steward of the environment!
  6. Quality Time – Take this period to spend some quality time with those in your household. You can share enjoyable memories, play fun board games, make big meals, and engage in lots of laughter together. Play some trivia, have a dance-off, or organize a karaoke competition! As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun!

*If your company doesn’t have a telework policy, ask your supervisor to contact the experts at goDCgo to get started ASAP! You can also share our Employer Telework Guide so they have a go-to resource that encourages them to take the next step.

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