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Telework Week DC
July 16, 2020

Teleworking each day will keep the cars away!

by Anthony Ahn

Telework Week is coming up on March 2-6, 2020. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the benefits of teleworking, promote your organization’s telework policy, or explore implementing a formal telework agreement. Providing the option for employees to telework is becoming the new norm at many organizations in the District and across the nation. Get on board with this workplace standard that is retaining and attracting top talent. 


Benefits of Telework:

For Employers:

  • Increase Productivity: With the right tools and a flexible schedule, employees are able to work anytime, anywhere without the distractions of the office. This allows them to be more focused and productive. Two-thirds of managers say that employees who telework increase their overall productivity.
  • Decrease in Turnover: A flexible workplace raises morale and lowers employee turnover. Higher employee retention lowers company recruitment, hiring, and training expenses. Telework options have a 20% decrease in employee turnover on average.
  • Decrease in Employee Absenteeism: Employees may feel ill enough not to commute into the office but still feel well enough to work from home. Working from home when under the weather helps reduce the spread of illness between employees as well. Telework options have a 60% decrease in employee absenteeism on average.
  • Cut Costs: Teleworking can help reduce operating costs. On average, businesses can save $11,000 per year by allowing employees to telecommute 50% of the time.
  • Benefit the Environment & Get Recognized: With fewer cars on the highways, the environment is healthier for all of us. Companies can feel good about reducing their employees’ dependence on oil and they can get recognized for it, too. Commuter Connections’ Employer Recognition Awards and goDCgo’s Transportation Ambassadors Program both recognize companies for their telework policies and efforts.

For Employees:

  • Less Stress: 82% of teleworking employees report less stress.
  • Save Money: $4,806 saved per year by teleworking (instead of driving) just 2 days a week.
  • Save Time: 128 hours of reduced time spent commuting a year by teleworking just 2 days a week.


Here’s How You Can Get Started:

If you already have a telework policy, here’s how your company can celebrate Telework Week:

If you don’t have a telework policy, let goDCgo help!

Download our FREE Telework Guide for more information and resources.

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