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April 1 – May 31

April 1 – June 30


goDCgo has teamed up with Capital Bikeshare to offer DC employers a special promotion to join Capital Bikeshare. If you are already a corporate member, you can get rewarded for increasing employee participation in your program.

Join the growing list of over 280 employers providing Capital Bikeshare Corporate Memberships. Enrolling is easy and we’re making the deal even sweeter!

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All You Need to Know

Capital Bikeshare’s Corporate Program lets you subsidize the cost of Capital Bikeshare annual memberships for your employees, providing an easy, convenient, and sustainable option to get around Metro DC. 


Providing free or subsidized Capital Bikeshare memberships can:

  • Supports health and wellness
  • Boost employee morale
  • Attract and maintain top talent

Capital Bikeshare memberships can give your employees:

  • A simple, low-cost, and reliable way to get around throughout the day
  • An environmentally-friendly form of transportation
  • A healthier lifestyle
  • A form of transportation that allows for social distancing

Capital Bikeshare Corporate memberships include an unlimited number of 30-minute rides in a 12-month period on classic Capital Bikeshare bicycles. The rider is responsible for any additional usage fees that are incurred (for example, if they choose to upgrade to an ebike or take a trip longer than 30 minutes).

You’ll only pay for the members of your organization who join through your account.

Download the informational flyer to present to management or any other decision-makers at your organization. 

 Download the flyer

Ready to join the Capital Bikeshare Corporate program? Complete the enrollment form. Capital Bikeshare will follow up with your dedicated account info and sign-up instructions for your employees.


Spring Pedal Push is a special bike promotion for employers to join Capital Bikeshare and encourage bike commuting. Spring is a great time to start biking and this promotion will allow employers to offer employees a healthy and active option to get around the District.

Employers who enroll during Spring Pedal Push will become a Capital Bikeshare Corporate Member AND receive an incentive package that includes up to 5 free memberships, a goDCgo swag bag, and a $25 VISA gift card for the employee that establishes the account.

Spring Pedal Push will run from April 1 to May 31, 2021.

Yes! With a Capital Bikeshare annual membership, there are no limitations regarding timing, location, or reasons for riding. Your employees will be able to take unlimited 30-minute rides for an entire year and have access to the entire Capital Bikeshare system.

To access an organization’s special rate, employees will sign up using a password protected registration page. For enhanced validation, Capital Bikeshare can require employees to verify their work-issued email through the registration process.

When an employee leaves the company, there is no action required by the program manager. Their Capital Bikeshare annual membership is good for a full year, even if the employee leaves your organization before the subscription is up. You will not receive a refund or prorated amount and the employee will be responsible for their own renewal.

Yes! Employees that are existing Capital Bikeshare members can take advantage of your organization’s subsidized rate.

  • If an employee signed up for a membership within the past 14 days: Capital Bikeshare will transfer them into your company’s program. Please have the individual reach out to Capital Bikeshare Customer Service for assistance.

  • If the employee has been a Capital Bikeshare member for more than 14 days: They can take advantage of the subsidized rate when their membership comes up for renewal (60 days before expiration) if they are still an active employee at the time of renewal. 

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