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October 12, 2020

Scooting into 2020

by Korrea Johnston

More scooters in 2020! The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the next phase in their dockless vehicle sharing program, allowing four of the current eight permits to continue operating in Washington, DC starting April 1, 2020. The four approved operators will be able to expand their fleet to a total of 10,000 scooters — nearly doubling the number of devices available for rent in the city!

The following companies received approval from DDOT to operate scooters in 2020:

You may have noticed that some of your favorite companies are missing from this list like Bird, Lime, and Razor, among others. It’s hard to say good-bye, right? Believe it or not, this was a thoughtful expansion after thorough program evaluation and feedback from stakeholders. The 2020 dockless vehicle sharing program reflects the District’s commitment to safety, equitable access, and accountability. The revised structure is designed to meet demand and improve program operations by limiting the number of permits, increasing the dockless vehicle fleet, and expanding requirements to deploy dockless vehicles in underserved areas.

You may be thinking more scooters means more scooters left lying on the city’s sidewalks. Fear not! DDOT’s Micromobility Team is working to address scooter parking one neighborhood at a time. In the coming months, DDOT plans to install 100 off-sidewalk parking corrals, designed specifically for dockless scooters and bikes, across all eight wards of the District. These dockless parking corrals provide convenient and dedicated spaces to keep sidewalks clear and safe for walking. A map of installed and planned off-sidewalk parking corrals is available on DDOT’s website here.

On average, half a million scooter trips occur per month. Clearly, scooting is taking sustainable transportation to new heights and it is largely replacing single occupancy vehicle trips and ride-hailing trips in the metro DC area. Not only is scooting great for running errands, commuting to work, and short trips around town, but it also reduces traffic and pollution by replacing car trips.

To help you scoot safely in and around the District, goDCgo has created a dedicated scooter webpage that houses all the current and developing information and resources, including our scooter infographic. You’ll also find details on available scooter companies and fares, discount programs, applicable laws, safe riding tips, and more. 

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