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SmarTrip card
July 16, 2020

Ride Smart with SmarTrip®

by Korrea Johnston

Do you ride the rail or bus? If not, now’s the time to start! We encourage you to try transit this winter. Whether you’re a rookie or a vet to public transit, we want to make sure you’re familiar with all the perks that having a SmarTrip® card provides you with as a local transit rider. A SmarTrip® card is a durable, plastic, rechargeable farecard used to pay Metrorail and local bus system fares… and it’s pretty “smart” because it keeps track of the value on the card!

What are the perks of a SmarTrip® card?

  • Savings. Take advantage of free transfers between Metrobus with unlimited connections (including round trips) within a two-hour period. In addition, SmarTrip® card users get a 50¢ discount when transferring from Metrobus to Metrorail or vice versa within a two-hour period. Word to the wise: owning a SmarTrip® card is an important step in signing up for SmartBenefits®, a program your employer can join to provide employees with discounted or employer-paid transit benefits. 
  • Convenience. You can pay fares for several transit systems, registered van pools, and parking at Metro facilities with just one card — think of it as your one-stop shop! Nearly all of the area transit providers accept SmarTrip® cards including: DASH, Ride On, Fairfax Connector, ART, CUE, Loudoun County Transit, Omniride, TheBus, DC Circulator,* Maryland Transit Administration Local Bus, Light Rail, and Metro Subway. You may add up to $300 in stored value on a SmarTrip® card, or better yet set it up for auto reload so you have one less thing to worry about during your day. *DC Circulator is now FREE indefinitely.
  • Security. You can register your SmarTrip® card to protect its balance. So, if your card is ever lost, stolen, or damaged, WMATA can transfer your card balance to a new SmarTrip® card.

How do I buy a SmarTrip® card?
It’s easy to buy a SmarTrip® card, especially online! That means no waiting in line at fare vending machines at Metrorail stations during these chilly winter weeks. Just visit the SmarTrip® store and make your purchase with any major debit or credit card. You can also purchase SmarTrip® cards by mail or at select CVS/pharmacy and Giant Food stores in the region that display the SmarTrip® sign, Metro Sales Offices, SmarTrip® dispensers at Metrorail stations, and regional transit stores. See all sales locations.

What are you waiting for? Purchase your SmarTrip® card today so you can ride smart!



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