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Revel Scooter
February 22, 2020

Mopeds: The More You Know

by Samantha Huff

The sustainable transportation options available in the District are growing fast! First, there were rentable bikes, then scooters, and now… electric mopeds! If you haven’t heard the news, you can now rent mopeds in Washington, DC — adding yet another alternative travel option for getting around the city!

The District Department of Transportation launched a 4-month pilot for mopeds, with Revel being the first company to secure a permit for operation. You’ve probably noticed at least one of their 400 blue and black vehicles riding throughout the city as of last month. As an app-based shared service, Revel mopeds cost $1 to start the ride, plus $0.25 per minute while riding and $0.10 per minute while parked. A discount is available for qualifying low-income residents. Every DC rider is covered up to $300,000 in third-party liability insurance.

How to Rent:

To rent a Revel moped, you must be 21 years or older with a current driver’s license. In addition, every new user needs to undergo a quick driving background check on the app to ensure that drivers have a safe record. This typically only takes 10 minutes. If anything requires a manual review, then it could take up to 24 hours. Revel charges a $19 one-time registration fee to verify your driver’s license and driving record. People who are eligible for, or actively participating in, any locally or federally administered assistance program can get the registration fee waived and receive a 40% discount on all rides. Learn more about the Revel Access Program and how to enroll.

Once registration is complete, the process is like renting a scooter or bike. Use the Revel mobile app to find, reserve, and unlock one of the many mopeds scattered throughout the city.

How to Ride: 

Each moped can comfortably carry two riders. To ride a Revel moped, you must wear the provided helmet that comes with each vehicle — and that goes for your partner, too! Helmets are cleaned every couple of days or so during safety checks, and sanitary hair nets are stashed in the helmet box if needed. Revel gives users a free “safety minute” to get geared up, meaning time to put on your helmet, adjust your mirrors, and get on the moped. When using Revel, you can ride outside of the District, BUT you must come back into the city to finish the trip or it will cost you. 

Follow the Rules:

  • You can only ride on local streets and roads (no highways, bike lanes, or sidewalks)
  • You must park on the street (unlike privately-owned mopeds)
  • Do not speed over 30 mph

Still riding on four wheels? Try hopping on a two-wheeled electric moped instead! It’s a logical transition since they’re the most powerful vehicle available through an app beyond cars. To help you get started, Revel is offering FREE driving lessons right at their DC location seven days a week for those interested.

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