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July 1, 2020

Make a New Year’s Resolution that Makes a Difference

by Korrea Johnston

The new year is here and, for many, that means it’s resolution time—time to reinvent oneself, give up an old habit or try something new. If you find yourself grasping for meaningful changes to make, convince yourself to start off 2017 on a good foot by taking on these five easy challenges:

  1. Walk as often as possible, for trips under a mile. 

    “I’ll opt for the steps, over the escalator or elevator and i’ll make it a point to go for a walk during my lunch break (even if I packed).”

  2. Stay positive about SafeTrack.  

    “I will continue to use the Metro and exercise patience while waiting for SafeTrack maintenance to be complete. I’ll leave a few minutes earlier, remember that WMATA is performing trackwork to keep me safe and appreciate the extra time I have to read the Express each day.”

  3. Go by bike.  

    “I will bundle up and bike to work as often as possible this winter. It will help me drop those few extra pounds and, if I take Capital Bikeshare, I could get recognized as a #CaBiWinterWarrior!”

  4. Avoid garages. 

    “I will forego paying $15+ to park in a DC garage, and instead, spend just a dollar to explore the District on the DC Circulator. I’ve heard their National Mall route is the best way to get to the Cherry Blossoms in spring.”

  5. Go green. 

    “I will take public transportation as often as possible and feel good that I’m doing my part to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution and gas consumption.”

The trend? Don’t drive alone.

Even just one of these suggestions can go a long way toward improving the quality of life for our entire community. There are so many alternatives to driving alone: Metro (bus or rail), the DC Circulator, Capital Bikeshare, carsharing, ridesharing, walking or biking. Going car-free once or twice a week does make a difference and will help you to achieve some of the other resolutions you may have made this year like improving your health and finances.


Want to accept a challenge but not sure where to start? We’re here to help! Reach out today for assistance with any of your transportation-related needs.

Happy New Year from goDCgo!


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