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August 31, 2020

How to Comply with Your Residential Zoning Order

by Korrea Johnston

To help reduce drive-alone traffic in the city, District zoning orders require residential buildings to provide sustainable transportation options and amenities for residents, visitors, or staff traveling to/from a property. goDCgo offers complimentary assistance to help you comply with the service requirements of your zoning order, which further supports Transportation Demand Management (TDM) best practices.


What is Transportation Demand Management (TDM)? 

TDM is a strategic approach to influence how people get around besides driving alone and it actively nurtures a sustainable city to improve the quality of life in all communities. Urban design and infrastructure play a large part in TDM, as it relates to residential properties and other buildings. For instance, goDCgo is Washington, DC’s TDM program. We encourage the city’s commuters, residents, and visitors to use alternative transportation options such as walking, biking, public transit, scooting, and ridesharing. In addition, we help businesses and organizations provide programs and amenities that support sustainable travel habits. Here’s a list of common TDM strategies.


Why is TDM important? 

By raising awareness of alternative transportation modes outside of driving and strategizing infrastructure and accessibility, TDM helps reduce traffic congestion in a cost-effective way. Ultimately, effective TDM practices can lead to better air quality, improved public health, and time and money savings for the entire community. In 2017, transportation costs made up the fourth largest expense among American households at nearly $10,000 — the bulk of which came from vehicle purchasing and expenditures like insurance and repairs.

The District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) development review process incorporates TDM strategies to mitigate parking and traffic-related impacts of new development. Read the full report.


Why work with goDCgo? 

goDCgo staff are TDM specialists who work to support you in all of your sustainable transportation goals. From start to finish, we can supplement your TDM plan with ideas, suggestions, and tips to enhance engagement in programs and amenities offered. We can help review your plan and monitor how your property is doing through biennial surveys, feedback from residents, parking data, and more.

Our team of experts provides complimentary assistance in:

  • Implementing the requirements of your zoning order that involve the provision of transportation services, information, and programs on-site.
  • Connecting you to resources to help you comply with other transportation-related zoning order requirements.
  • Purchasing Capital Bikeshare memberships in bulk.
  • Getting started on your own with our Residential Toolkit that was created to guide your path to compliance and help you with the transportation-related aspects of your zoning order. You can also contact our Residential Client Services Manager, Casey Auch, for a one-on-one consultation to discuss your zoning order.

If you are a non-residential property (hospital, hotel, office building, etc.) and need support with TDM efforts as a part of your site condition, goDCgo can help you as well. Schedule a meeting with a representative.


Who enforces DC zoning orders?

The DC Office of Zoning (DCOZ) and the Office of the Zoning Administrator (ZA) at the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) are separate agencies with different roles in enforcing land use, permitting, and zoning processes in the District. goDCgo plays no role in zoning enforcement. Our complimentary services include only assisting properties in complying with your TDM requirements contained in your final zoning order. For more information about the DC Zoning Ordinance, view the office contacts and services here.

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