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Street view of new residential and retail buildings
November 7, 2022

goDCgo’s Guide to Zoning Order Compliance

by Korrea Johnston

The District of Columbia is attracting new residential, commercial, and retail development, and redevelopment at an unprecedented pace. While this activity has many benefits, it also increases traffic to/from and within our nation’s capital. To enhance the quality of life for residents, commuters, and visitors, the District issues zoning orders that require buildings to implement sustainable transportation services and programs that reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles (SOV), also known as Transportation Demand Management (TDM).

What is TDM?

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is the application of strategies to educate people about alternative transportation options and encourage their use to reduce traffic congestion and lower vehicle emissions. Through TDM programs such as goDCgo, people are encouraged to use alternative transportation options like walking, biking, scooting, taking public transit, and ridesharing. TDM actively nurtures a sustainable city to improve the quality of life in all communities.


How can goDCgo help your property?

As an initiative of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), it is goDCgo’s mission to encourage the use of sustainable transportation for getting around our great city. We’re here to help your property fulfill the TDM conditions of your zoning order by implementing the appropriate transportation services and on-site program requirements. Please be advised that the District of Columbia Office of the Zoning Administrator enforces the provisions of the DC Zoning Ordinances. While goDCgo plays no role in zoning enforcement, we can act as a complimentary guide and also connect you with DDOT staff who can provide further assistance on implementing amenities like bus stop placements, bike parking, and more.  


What services does goDCgo provide?

goDCgo offers a complimentary suite of services and resources to support residential property owners and managers like you working to comply with their TDM requirements. If you are a non-residential property (hospital, hotel, office building, etc.) and need support with TDM efforts as a part of your site condition, goDCgo can support you, too!

  • TDM Plan Support – We have a TDM plan template that can be customized for your property with additional ideas, suggestions, and tips to enhance engagement in the programs and amenities offered. We can also help you review your plan and monitor how your property is doing with biennial surveys, feedback from residents, parking data, and more.
  • Transportation Survey Design – We can create custom commute surveys to understand residents’ current travel behavior and analyze the data to recommend the most effective transportation program for your property.
  • Vendor List – We assembled a comprehensive list of preferred transportation amenity vendors that are required or optional under DC zoning, including transit displays, car sharing, bike rack providers, and more. goDCgo can share this list and connect you to company contacts.
  • Brochures – We can create a custom Get Around Guide mapping out transportation options available near your location for printing and/or uploading to your property’s website or resident portal. We can also provide complimentary travel brochures for DC Circulator, Capital Bikeshare, Metrorail, Metrobus, and more to include in move-in packets or transportation information stands.
  • Capital Bikeshare – We can help you purchase discounted annual Capital Bikeshare memberships in bulk and assist with tailored outreach materials to promote this amenity to residents.
  • Promotions – We offer a variety of on-site promotions and tabling events like commuter socials, how-to workshops, and cycling classes, tailored to your property’s needs. This allows us to directly answer resident questions about transportation options, help with trip planning, and share information and resources.
  • Site-Specific Transit Information – We can tailor messaging to be used on your property’s website and print materials, providing comprehensive details about the transportation options for getting to and from your location.
  • Staff Training – We offer complimentary online or on-site training to educate your staff about accessible transportation options and tips to support resident needs. Anyone can become a Transportation Management Coordinator (TMC) with the proper training!


Can you provide examples of how goDCgo has assisted other properties?

goDCgo has experience working with several properties, but a great recent example is our TDM support for Revel at NoMa CNTR. Our Residential Outreach Coordinator, Lessie Henderson, worked with management to provide transportation brochures. She also reviewed all their TDM requirements one-by-one with the staff, letting them know what they needed to do, and identified the appropriate contacts to fulfill the requirements. Since the property is located along the Red Line between NoMa-Gallaudet and Union Station, it is essential that the staff are equipped with the proper knowledge and resources to help residents get around town. And since the Marriott hotel is attached, we helped them comply with the TDM conditions of their zoning order, too! At goDCgo, we often work with properties even after they open to make sure they have everything they need. We provide vendor information for amenities like shuttle vehicles, bike rooms, and transit screens, among many other items.

For more information, download our toolkit to get started with the zoning order process. You can also email [email protected] for assistance with implementing transportation requirements and questions on ways to enhance your transportation amenities.

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