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Woman looking at transit screen feed
July 17, 2020

Get a FREE Transit Screen Feed

by Anthony Ahn

Get a transit display at your school! Transit displays are a great way to show off all mobility options near your school, at a glance, and in real-time. These options include the bus, Capital Bikeshare, carshare, and the Metrorail. By providing a digital display with real-time transportation arrival data in lobbies, main offices, and teacher break rooms, your students and staff can plan their sustainable commutes back home more easily and efficiently.

Many schools are hesitant to use their limited budgets on transit display software, but thanks to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), schools can install a live transportation feed for at no cost to you! All you have to do is provide the television screen or monitor and use Ride DC’s portal to set-up a live feed. School administrators will have the ability to create a custom dashboard specific to their school’s location.

Dashboards will include:

  • Metrobus / DC Circulator schedules and Nextbus updates
  • Metrorail arrival predictions
  • Capital Bikeshare and dock availability
  • Carsharing locations and car availability

Once the dashboard is created, the feed can then be displayed on a monitor or tv screen in high traffic locations throughout your school like the hallways, or perhaps even the cafeteria. Get started creating your school’s personal transit display today at https://ridedc.ddot.dc.gov/. By adding a transit display or screen within your school, you could earn a designation as a Silver Level goDCgo Transportation Ambassador! Once you reach the Silver Level, we encourage you to keep going and expand on your sustainable transportation efforts. Don’t be surprised if it’s not long until you reach the Gold Level and then, Platinum — which has even more perks!

If you need help creating your transit display or any other transportation related services, contact goDCgo School Services

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