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July 16, 2020

Do I Need to Comply with the DC Commuter Benefits Law During the Health Cri

by Anthony Ahn

In response to the public health crisis, many organizations are questioning if they are still required to comply with the DC Commuter Benefits Law during the health crisis. The answer is YES, compliance is still required despite the circumstances. The DC Commuter Benefits Law requires businesses (including non-profits) with 20 or more employees (full-time or part-time) in the District to offer commuter benefits. 

What is the DC Commuter Benefits Law?
As of January 1, 2016, DC employers with 20 or more employees (including non-profits) are required to provide at least one of the following commuter benefit options:

  • Employee-Paid, Pre-Tax Benefits: Allows employees to set aside income on a pre-tax basis to cover the cost of commuting by mass transit or vanpools, up to $270 per month.
  • Employer-Paid, Direct Benefit: Employers offer their staff a tax-free subsidy for transit or vanpools up to $270 per month.
  • Employer-Provided Transportation: Employers provide a shuttle or vanpool service at no cost to their employees.

How the Current Health Crisis Affects this Law

While we understand the challenges that COVID-19 has had on D.C. businesses, covered employers are still required to maintain continuity and compliance in providing commuter benefits for employees. This is especially important for employers with essential businesses that remain open.

For additional information about enforcement and/or regulation as it relates to the DC Commuter Benefits Law, contact the DC Office of Wage-Hour at (202) 671-1880 or email owh.ask@dc.gov.

Need help becoming compliant?

goDCgo is still operating through virtual meetings and phone calls. We can help you become compliant and answer any questions regarding the DC Commuter Benefits Law during this health crisis.

  • Employers can receive a complimentary consultation with goDCgo by contacting our employer services team at: info@goDCgo.com and 202-299-2186.
  • Download the Employer Commuter Benefits Toolkit which provides more details and instructions on how to become compliant. 


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