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Become a Best Workplace for Commuters!
March 1, 2022

Become a Best Workplace for Commuters!

by Samantha Huff

Do you work hard as an organization to ease your employee’s commutes through commuter benefits, on-site amenities, and promotion of sustainable transportation? If so, goDCgo and Best Workplaces for Commuters are here to help you get the recognition you deserve and showcase your organization as a leader in sustainable transportation.  

What is Best Workplace for Commuters (BWC)? 

Best Workplace for Commuters is an innovative membership program that provides national recognition to employers offering outstanding commuter benefits. Through its Best Workplace for Commuters designation that’s promoted nationally, BWC helps employers big and small get the recognition they deserve for providing their employees with an extensive commuter benefits program.  

On top of national recognition, members receive free training courses, conferences, networking opportunities, and web-based tools to help you calculate the overall financial, environmental, and traffic improvements associated with your commuter benefits program. Completing the criteria below can qualify employers for a Best Workplace for Commuters membership and designation. 

Select all:

  • Promote Guaranteed Ride Home 
  • Agree to work towards a goal of 14% of employees NOT driving alone to/from work  
  • Pay membership dues 

Offer at least one:

  • Transit pass subsidy  
  • Pre-tax benefit 
  • Telework program  
  • Compressed workweek 
  • Parking cashout 
  • Employee shuttle 
  • Bicycle commuting 

 Offer at least three:

  • Designate an Employee Transportation Coordinator 
  • Rideshare matching 
  • First mile/last mile connections  
  • Bicycle parking/on-site amenities 
  • Carpool parking 
  • Real time transit display 
  • Electric vehicle charging 

You may have noticed that a lot of sustainable efforts that qualify employers for a Best Workplace for Commutes designation also qualify you to become a goDCgo Employer Ambassador. That’s because both goDCgo and BWC’s goals overlap! 

goDCgo and BWC Go Hand in Hand 

Since goDCgo’s and BWC both work towards promoting environmentally-friendly commuting by encouraging multi-modal transportation and alternatives to reduce stress and traffic congestion, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of overlap when it comes to the criteria that qualifies you for goDCgo’s Employer Ambassador designation and Best Workplace for Commuters designation. In fact, it’s easy to implement a combination of sustainable efforts that qualify you for both designations!  

Get Your BWC Membership on Us! 

From now until April 30, 2022, goDCgo is working with employers to help organizations implement commuter benefits and sustainable transportation amenities that will earn them a Best Workplace for Commuters designation as well as elevate them to a goDCgo Platinum Ambassador. In fact, goDCgo is even offering those who achieve Platinum Ambassador status a FREE 1-year membership to Best Workplaces for Commuters. Interested? Schedule a meeting with goDCgo’s Employer Services team to get started.  

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