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Modern apartment telework space
July 16, 2020

Adapting Apartment Amenities for the “New Normal”

by Korrea Johnston

Now that Washington, DC has entered a phased reopening, it’s important that you consider how to accommodate your residents by adapting your amenities to support those who will work remotely more frequently. While more people retreat to work from home, we expect a rise in demand for onsite building amenities, like a gym, pool, or telework space, as a reprieve from the confines of the apartment and daily routine. Residents may also place a higher value in amenities like strong shared WiFi connections, complimentary printing and video conferencing capabilities, as well as information on sustainable transportation options near the property that allow safe social distancing.

goDCgo suggests the following:

  • Enforce Safety Protocols
    • The first line of defense will be to encourage or mandate social distancing around your building’s shared space amenities, especially the pool and the gym. Make sure all common areas are stocked with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, and we strongly advise you to require residents wear face masks when sharing spaces. You should also post highly visible signs reminding tenants to adhere to your safety policies.
  • Support Wi-Fi Connections
    • Since a large majority of individuals will continue working remotely until further notice, providing a robust WiFi connection/bandwidth for increased video conferencing in all common areas will be essential. Your residents will appreciate being able to wander while working without losing their internet connection quality within shared spaces.
  • Designate More Telework Space
    • If you don’t already, designate a space for residents to telework, or add more space to your existing telework area while keeping safe social distancing in mind. Perhaps your property could implement a reservation policy where tenants can sign up in advance to use the space, especially for buildings with smaller communal areas. Whether you assign a lobby area, rooftop, or conference room, make sure it is well equipped for business uses and functionality.
  • Support Alternative Transportation
    • Since the public health crisis, there’s been a spike in biking as a way for individuals to safely exercise and travel around the city. To help support commuting with care, consider installing bike racks, rooms, or lockers; or bike maintenance equipment in your building. You could also purchase Capital Bikeshare 30-Day or Annual Memberships for residents who don’t own a bike to further support essential travel while practicing safe social distancing. 

Your efforts will not go unnoticed! Be recognized as a goDCgo Residential Ambassador by designating a telework space, installing transportation amenities, or all of the above! Either way, you will help keep your residents happy and healthy by implementing or improving any of these building amenities. Contact goDCgo today for a complimentary consultation!

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