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June 30, 2020

7 Ways to Make Your Business Bike Friendly All Year Long

by Korrea Johnston

Although Bike to Work Day has passed, this season offers commuters an ideal opportunity to try biking. Here are seven simple ways to create a bike-friendly workplace and culture while keeping your employees healthy and engaged throughout the year:

1. Capital Bikeshare Corporate Membership
• When you offer Capital Bikeshare memberships to your employees, the annual fee is discounted to $50 (regularly $85), when your organization contributes to part or all of the fee. Capital Bikeshare is often found as a perfect option for the first or last mile of many commutes and convenient for workday travel and leisurely weekend rides.

2. The Bicycle Commuter Benefit
• As an employer, you can provide a direct Bicycle Commuter Benefit of up to $20 per month, tax-free, to offset the cost of maintenance and further support employees who regularly commute by bike.

3. Reward Bicycle Commuters
• Innovative incentives encourage employees to bike to work. Reward employees who bike to work with a pizza party, monthly breakfast, gift cards or product giveaways to keep employees excited about biking.

4. Provide Bicycle Parking
• Give bike commuters peace of mind by working with your building to install secure, convenient bicycle parking in your garage or office.

5. Showers/Changing Facilities
• Offer bicycle commuters a place where they can shower or change clothes, or partner with a local gym to offer employees a discounted rate to use their shower facilities.

6. Offer Bike Classes
• Bring in the Washington Area Bicyclist Association for an Every Biking Seminar (free for Capital Bikeshare corporate partners).

7. Participate in Local or National Events and Challenges
• Healthy competition is always a great way to get employees exciting about biking. Sign up for the National Bike Challenge as a company, or organize a group bicycle ride during lunch or as a regular Health & Wellness activity.

Is your office bike-friendly? Share ways your company is bicycle friendly with us at info@goDCgo.com or request a one-on-one consultation today.

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