Partner Programs

Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS)

ATP Logo Arlington Transportation Partners, a division of Arlington County Commuter Services within the Department of Environmental Services, provides transportation expertise and services to businesses, residential communities, developers and hoteliers in Arlington County, Virginia.

Bike Arlington LogoBikeArlington is a program of Arlington County Commuter Services, within the Department of Environmental Services. BikeArlington is an effort to build on an existing partnership between Arlington citizens, businesses and County staff to encourage more people to bike more often.

Car Free DietArlington's Car-Free Diet is a campaign to make sustainable travel fun and easy.  Each time you leave your car at home – choosing instead to ride transit, bike, walk or telework – you can save money, improve your health and clean our environment.

Commuter Page® is presented by Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS), a bureau of the Arlington, Virginia Department of Environmental Services. ACCS serves people who live, work, or play in Arlington by providing programs and services to make it easier to get around without a car. is designed to encourage the use of mass transit, carpooling and vanpooling, bicycling, walking, teleworking, and other alternatives to driving alone.

Walk Arlington LogoWalkArlington is an initiative of Arlington County, Virginia, where people have many options for getting around their community. WalkArlington's focus is on walking. By partnering with citizens, businesses, and County departments to promote the health, environmental, commuter, financial, and community-building benefits of walking, WalkArlington strives to "get more people walking more of the time."

Business Improvement Districts (BIDS)

Adams Morgan LogoThe Adams Morgan Partnership business improvement district provides maintenance, security and marketing to the Adams Morgan business community.  These services are funded through a special assessment on commercial properties.  The Adams Morgan Partnership works closely with the District of Columbia government to ensure that a high level of city services are provided as well.

Capitol Hill LogoThe Capitol Hill BID provides enhanced services designed to augment, not replace, those provided by the DC government, including: security, street cleaning, maintenance and graffiti removal, streetscape improvements, marketing and promotional services and community outreach.

Capitol Riverfront LogoThe Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District (BID) is dedicated to making the Capitol Riverfront clean, safe, friendly and vibrant. The BID supports and enhances the Capitol Riverfront through a number of activities including: clean teams and hospitality/safety ambassadors, marketing, branding and special events, economic development and community building. In addition, the Capitol Riverfront BID coordinates with decision makers and advocates on behalf of ongoing public realm, transportation access, infrastructure and neighborhood improvements. The Capitol Riverfront BID actively collaborates and forms partnerships to achieve the vision and development for this area, as well as the goals and objectives of the BID.

Downtown LogoThe Downtown DC Business Improvement District (BID) is a private non-profit organization that provides capital improvements, resources and research to help diversify the economy and enhance the Downtown experience for all. This special district, where property owners have agreed to tax themselves to fund services, encompasses a 138-block area of approximately 825 properties from Massachusetts Avenue on the north to Constitution Avenue on the south, and from Louisiana Avenue on the east to 16th Street on the west. As a catalyst, facilitator and thought leader, the Downtown BID promotes public/private partnerships to create a remarkable urban environment.

Georgetown LogoThe Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) works to protect and enhance the accessibility, attractiveness and overall appeal of Georgetown. Established, funded and founded in 1999 by its property owners and merchants, the Georgetown BID has set a standard of excellence in preserving historic charm while meeting contemporary needs. From marketing and special events, to transportation and streetscape, the Georgetown BID contributes to the vitality and quality of life in Georgetown. Governed by a Board of Directors elected by its membership of approximately 1,000 businesses, the Georgetown BID is proud of the role it has played in the ongoing evolution as an exceptional shopping, dining and visitor destination.

Golden Tri LogoFounded in 1997, the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID) is a private non-profit 501(c)(6) corporation that works to enhance the Golden Triangle neighborhood—a 43-block area of DC’s central business district that is home to lobbyists, law firms, non-profits, associations and also bustling restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and other hot spots. The Golden Triangle BID's primary focus is to provide a clean, safe and vibrant environment within this remarkable neighborhood for area workers and visitors, and to retain and attract businesses to the Golden Triangle. The BID does all this through various programs and services, which include an Ambassador program, homeless outreach, streetscape improvements, marketing, Sounds in the Square concerts and other events, member services and more.

Mt Vernon LogoThe Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District is a private, nonprofit organization established to enhance the overall quality of life for residents, visitors, employees and property owners in Washington DC's newest 24-hour neighborhood by providing a clean and safe environment, marketing and fostering planning and economic development.

NoMa LogoLocated just north of Capitol Hill and Union Station, the NoMa Business Improvement District (BID) was created by the District of Columbia City Council and approved by the Mayor in March 2007. The BID supports the emergence of NoMa as one of the District’s most exciting mixed-use neighborhoods. Through a special assessment collected from property owners in a 35-block area, the BID is helping to make NoMa safe, clean, and attractive for businesses, residents, and visitors. Its main tasks include: providing cleaning and safety services, promoting NoMa through marketing and community events, coordinating public and private investments and services and enhancing the community by promoting employment and community projects with NoMa neighbors.

Commuter Connections

CommConn LogoCommuter Connections is a regional network of transportation organizations coordinated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. If you live or work in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area, Commuter Connections can provide you with information on all your commute options, so you can make a smart choice about how you travel to work. Commuter Connections also helps employers establish commuting benefits and assistance programs, including telework/telecommute programs, for their employees.

District Department of Transportation

DDOT logoThe District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is committed to achieving an exceptional quality of life in the nation’s capital through more sustainable travel practices, safer streets and outstanding access to goods and services. Central to this vision is improving energy efficiency and modern mobility by providing next generation alternatives to single occupancy driving in the city. DDOT’s mission is to develop and maintain a cohesive sustainable transportation system that delivers safe, affordable, and convenient ways to move people and goods—while protecting and enhancing the natural, environmental and cultural resources of the District.

Cabi LogoThe nation's largest bikesharing system launched in September 2010 with stations located in the District of Columbia and Arlington, Virginia. This regional system provides members access to over 1,100 bikes and 118 stations. Annual memberships are available for $75 and 30-day memberships are available for $25. The 5-day membership is $15 or you can use the system as a daily member for $5/day.  Designed for shorter trips, the first 30 minutes are free and usage fees apply after 30 minutes. For information about Capital Bikeshare, click here.

Safe Routes Logo
The DC Safe Routes to School Program works to improve safety for students who walk and bicycle to school, encourage students and their parents to walk and bicycle to school and to boost student physical activity, reduce parents’ fuel consumption, and reduce pollution and traffic congestion near schools.