Take Action Today! Tell Your Representative that Transit & Bike Commuters Deserve Equal Benefits!

In January, the existing parking and transit commuter benefits became unequal. Commuters can deduct up to $250 in pre-tax benefits for parking, but only $130 for public transit. The House Ways & Means Committee is tentatively looking to mark-up a package of individual tax extenders this Thursday, May 29. As the legislative language stands now, the parking and transit benefits would remain frozen at $130 (transit/vanpool)/$250 (parking). The language would also eliminate the benefit for bicycle commuters.

Transit commuters deserve their fair share, and we ask you to immediately contact their Member of Congress - particularly House Ways & Means Committee majority members - and ask them to take action on HR 2288.


Take just a moment to tell your Congressman or Congresswoman that:


It is my  understanding that the House Ways & Means Committee is looking to mark-up legislation to extend a series of personal tax issues. We urge you to weigh in with committee staff and leadership and ask them to include bi-partisan legislation from HR 2288 and create revenue-neutral parity at $220/month. I am hopeful that you will weigh in today!

Tell your representative that transit commuters deserve equal benefits. Take action today!

Posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 (Archive on Saturday, June 07, 2014)
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