Helpful Links


The official website of the District Department of Transportation

Connect with DDOT
Subscribe to email alerts, link to DDOT's Facebook and Twitter pages or participate in an online chat.

Live Traffic and Transit Info Updates
Capital Region Updates provides live traffic and transit information for the District and National Capital Region and is updated at least twice a day or more when events happen effecting our roads.

Capital Alerts
Sign up through this site and get alerts specific to where you live, work or play. Alerts are broken down by jurisdictions, where available.

DC Alerts
Washington, DC specific alerts.

WMATA (Metrorail, Metrobus)
The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Association

DC Circulator

The DC Circulator runs every 10 minutes on five routes and costs just $1.


Provides information on regional transit options, biking, walking, transportation news, traffic, weather and air quality


Your one-stop shop for transit passes from all regional transit providers

Commuter Connections

A regional network of transportation organizations committed to providing commuters with the information they need to make smart choices about the way they get to work.

Transit Screen

Transit Screen displays communicate real-time transit information at any location with a single, information-rich display.