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Author: goDCgo Created: 8/12/2010 RssIcon
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By goDCgo . on 9/27/2011

Changes Take Effect October 3, 2011


(Washington, D.C.)  The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is set to implement several changes to the existing Circulator service beginning on October 3, 2011. These changes were based on community input and ridership numbers and are aimed at improving the operation of the system to provide a better level of service. 

Earlier this year DDOT completed a comprehensive Transit Development Plan to guide the growth of the Circulator system over the next 10-years. Following the release of the plan, several public meetings were held to discuss the proposed changes outlined below.

On Monday, DDOT will implement the following routing and stop changes:

Suspension of Convention Center-SW Waterfront Route

Due to low ridership, suspension of the Convention Center-SW Waterfront route is effective September 30, 2011 at 9 pm. New Metrobus Route 74 service began...
By goDCgo . on 9/26/2011

Washington, DC has its charms. Unfortunately, horse-drawn carriages, a la Central Park, are not among them.  What we do have, however, are pedicabs, which give our fair city a certain panache of its own. The ubiquitous, free-spirited little chariots practically scream, “Welcome to DC! We’re a silver-level designated Bicycle Friendly Community!”

To find out more about pedicabs, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire Martina Latze and I accosted pedicab driver Matthew Lubel, whom we chose among the dozens we saw solely on the basis of “Ooh, I like that guy’s hat. Yeah, me too.”

We got super lucky with Matt because he’s not only a good, safe bicyclist with a nice hat, but also an aspiring author and history buff....
By goDCgo . on 9/22/2011

Hi. My name is Charlie and I like to make homemade Capital Bikeshare hats. I'm crafty. I'm here to remind you about the Capital Bikeshare Birthday Bash tonight, and I suffered through a photo shoot in order to do so. Unlike you and everyone else on the East Coast, I am not invited due to my short-dog complex and a generally surly disposition in public places. YOU, however, will undoubtedly have a fantastic time! My thoughts on the possibility of rain, you ask? If I'm forced to "do my business" in the rain, I think you can show up at a party, much of which is sheltered from the elements. My advice: don't try to eat your party hat, lest you get glitter on your nose and someone posts your picture on a public forum. Have fun without me!

By Charlie Factor, Guest Blogger and Freeloader

By goDCgo . on 9/19/2011

Photo: Flickr.com/reivax

Amtrak announced last week that they had transported just under 27.8 million passengers in the first 11 months of their fiscal year, which puts them on track to surpass the 30 million rider mark for the first time ever in one fiscal year. The total passenger load also represents a 5.2% increase over last year, which is especially impressive considering the natural disasters and flooding which resulted in widespread cancellations in August.

Rail popularity has been attributed to the rise in gas prices, increased availability...
By goDCgo . on 9/14/2011

The Car Free Day steering committee, hosted by Commuter Connections, just finished up their last planning meeting for the big day. Even though I had to phone it in, I could just tell that the atmosphere in that room was electric! Well, it was noisy anyway—they’re very chatty. So many area organizations and governments have come together to get people excited about taking the pledge to go Car Free on September 22, and their efforts seem to be paying off. As of Wednesday, September 14 at 1:00 pm, we have 7,615 pledges – already more than the total number that pledged in 2010, and the number keeps climbing. In fact, I’m going to refresh the website page every five minutes to keep checking because, you know, I don’t have anything better to do. Why go car free? Let’s...
By goDCgo . on 9/13/2011

goDCgo loves a great party! So we’re positively delirious with anticipation of the Capital Bikeshare Birthday Bash next week. Mostly because we like free cupcakes, but also because we can’t wait to celebrate how hugely successful Capital Bikeshare has been in its first year. The party is free and open to the public on Thursday, September 22 from 6-9 pm at The Yards Park. We’ve been working overtime to make this an extraordinary event, and we really, really, extra-special want you there.

You: “Wow, goDCgo! This sounds fantastic! But it’s on a Thursday, and that’s when my book club meets.”

Us: “Don’t be lame.”

You: “But I have small, precious children that need to be coddled until their early bedtime.”

Us: “Get a sitter.”

If you still have reservations, take a look at what you’ll be missing if you don’t go:

Live music from 80's cover...
By goDCgo . on 9/7/2011

Fall has begun, which means that it’s Health and Benefits Fair season once again. Hosting a successful and well-attended fair is no easy task, so this month we’ve compiled some tips to get the most out of your next on-site event. Our goDCgo Employer Services team attended just over 60 fairs last year, so we’ve got a lot of experience to speak from!

Timing is everything. When planning your next fair, choose a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday if possible. Late morning (10 am to 1 pm) or early afternoon (12 pm to 3 pm) tend to be the most ideal times to draw in the crowds. Also, try to avoid scheduling your fair during a week that a holiday falls on as many employees may be taking vacation during that time. Advance notice is always best. Planning your fair well in advance allows you to notify your preferred vendors as early as possible, which will increase the likelihood that they...
By goDCgo . on 8/25/2011

The earthquake earlier this week, and the ensuing traffic and Metrorail delays in the hours afterward, have generated quite a bit of conversation in our region about how we should approach evacuation procedures in the future. Fortunately, we were spared anything that could be called "devastation" compared to calamities which have taken place elsewhere (unless you are using the word ironically to mock the entire East Coast as, apparently, the rest of the country did). However, the event did serve as a sort of "fire drill," and now, with local residents gearing up for Hurricane Irene, the District Department of Transportation and others are trying to get information out to prepare people for how to deal with transportation during emergencies.

DDOT has a great instructional brochure with all kinds of useful tips about how to respond in the event of an emergency. You can avoid panic by preparing ahead of time and keeping several key points in mind:

By goDCgo . on 8/22/2011
(Washington, DC) – Future riders of the DC Streetcar system are several steps closer to boarding the initial line. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has released plans that will enable the H Street/Benning Road line to open no later than mid 2013.  DDOT released a request for bids to design and build the remaining elements of the line, which encompasses western and eastern turnarounds, a “car barn” maintenance facility and the final improvements to the already-built 2.2-mile corridor on H Street/Benning Road.  DDOT also plans to utilize the car barn as a training center for District students. DDOT anticipates design work to start in late fall, culminating with the first passengers boarding the line in mid 2013.   “We are excited to put in place the final pieces to complete the H Street/Benning Road Line,” said DDOT Director Terry Bellamy.  “Today we are identifying the way forward.”   The initial design included a western turnaround and maintenance facility below the H Street “Hopscotch...