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Author: goDCgo Created: 8/12/2010 RssIcon
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By goDCgo . on 11/29/2010
Studies have shown that alternative work schedules can save an average of seven minutes per day in commute time, and they hold a host of other benefits for everyone. Examples of alternative work schedules available to full-time employees include Flextime, Compressed Workweeks and Staggered Shifts:

· Flextime: Employees are allowed flexibility in setting their schedules in order to avoid peak traffic hours.

· Compressed Workweek (CWW): Employees work fewer but longer days, which are compensated with scheduled days off.

· Staggered Shifts: This is similar to flextime in that it helps employees avoid traveling during peak traffic times, but it does not give them as much choice in setting their own work schedules.

Many businesses already offer some version of these schedules to their employees, and the list of benefits is extensive: employees enjoy more flexibility, less stress due to traffic congestion and substantial financial savings due to the reduction of costly...
By goDCgo . on 11/19/2010
Mayor Adrian Fenty announced on Tuesday the installation of D.C.’s first electric car charging station. Located at the Franklin D. Reeves Center at 2000 14th Street, NW, the curbside station is part of yet another innovative pilot program, brought to you by the District Department of Transportation, and the first of 20 such stations planned for the District. DDOT partnered with Coulomb Technologies for funding through a $15 million grant as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act from the U.S. Department of Energy.  ChargePoint America, sponsored by Coulomb Technologies, provides the stations and manages the network, which will number 500 in the District and its environs by October 2011.

DDOT Director Gabe Klein, the man behind the recent spate of D.C.’s sustainable transportation projects, was onsite at the unveiling. Enthusiastically commenting on the significance of this latest development, Klein stated, “This charger represents a new direction for fuel efficient vehicles throughout the region. ...
By goDCgo . on 11/17/2010
Have you registered your SmarTrip card yet? Metro is encouraging everyone to register their SmarTrip card in anticipation of upcoming changes to their transit benefit management program, SmartBenefits, which will take place in 2011. By registering your card, you will also have the added security of knowing that your fare balance is protected if your card gets lost or stolen. Registering is easy, just grab your card and visit WMATA’s SmarTrip homepage here. After you register, you can also check your fare balance and trip history online. If you’ve already registered, check to make sure that your contact information is current as WMATA uses this to send you important information when necessary.

If SmartBenefits is not offered at your work place, contact a goDCgo Employer Services representative at (202) 299-2186...
By goDCgo . on 11/16/2010
If the thought of driving into DC for your destination of choice sends you angrily couch-diving for quarters, the District Department of Transportation offers a beacon of hope. DDOT announced last week that it will commence work on a pilot program to install new solar-powered parking meters that take…wait for it…credit cards!

The 1,150 meters are the same ones that other major U.S. cities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, are currently testing and have been found to have a failure rate of less than 1%. Not only are they easy to install, but the new technology is cost-effective because it uses the existing infrastructure; the current meter head is simply swapped out with the new solar-powered one. 

The first meters to be installed will be in the most high-demand areas in Northwest and Southwest DC. From there, DDOT will expand to other areas based on additional funding, which they are currently seeking.

Check out the video to see how the new meters will work....
By goDCgo . on 11/15/2010
In September, the League of American Bicyclists released their findings on the bike commuter rates for the 70 largest cities in the United States. Washington, DC, which is considered to be a Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community, saw a 7% drop in commuters who biked to work from 2008 to 2009, bringing the total percentage to 2.17%, down from 2.33%. The news is not all bad, however, as the District still experienced an 86% increase in bicycle commuting from 2000 to 2009. And there’s more good news – there’s still time to get the city moving back in the right direction! Here at goDCgo, we offer Capital Bikeshare corporate sales, which include extras such as a free Confident City Cycling Class conducted on-site at your office. This class is geared toward making employees feel more comfortable with commuting to work by bicycle if they did not consider it a viable option before. Supporting...
By goDCgo . on 11/12/2010

We have great news to share - Commuter Connections, the regional transportation network here in DC, announced in a press release earlier this week, that they would be bringing back their 'Pool Rewards program. To participate, commuters must start or join a new carpool, log some simple information about their commute online and complete a brief survey about their experiences. As a reward, participants can earn $2 a day ($1 each way) for every day they carpool to work over a consecutive 90 day period, up to the maximum of $130. We discussed some of the benefits of sharing the ride in one of our previous blog posts, and now you can add this cash incentive...
By goDCgo . on 11/10/2010
Police stop driver for speeding.In 2009, a local pedestrian or cyclist died every five days, amounting to a total of 78 fatalities across the Washington, D.C., region and representing a staggering 27% of all traffic-related deaths in the area. This number is down by 8% from the previous year, but one fatality every five days is still a horrifying statistic. We have a long way to go.

Yesterday marked the kick-off of the Fall 2010 Street Smart Campaign. Initiated by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, the Street Smart program has one clear objective: to eliminate the needless injuries and deaths of pedestrians and cyclists. With bold, sometimes shocking, advertising campaigns,...
By goDCgo . on 11/9/2010

Capital Bikeshare and the other great sustainable transportation modes in our region work together to provide a diverse set of options to residents, employees and visitors. To plan your trip, Capital Bikeshare locations are now located on goDCgo’s interactive map that already offers information on tons of other options like Metro, Circulator  and Zipcar. Check it out!

By goDCgo . on 11/8/2010
Americans are in love with their cars. What’s more, for a variety of reasons, we like to drive them solo. Here are some favorites:

1)  I need some alone time away from my family and coworkers. (Maybe it’s time to try yoga?)

2)  I like to sing along with Pat Benetar in my car. (Hey, who doesn’t?)

3)  I get most of my best work done while I’m sitting alone in traffic. (That’s just frightening. Please don’t tell us that.)

4)  I don’t really like anyone except my cat. (Umm…you should probably just skip this article and look into biking.)

 All questionably “good” reasons. Now let’s take a look at what would happen if you opted to share that car ride.

 1)  Lowered Stress Levels/Increased Productivity. According to a DDOT study, employees who carpool find their stress levels lowered by the increase in camaraderie that comes from riding together. Lowered...
By goDCgo . on 11/5/2010
Innovation always carries some degree of risk, including the naysayers who inevitably crop up, loudly decrying anything that doesn’t represent the status quo. The District Department of Transportation took a risk when they introduced Capital Bikeshare. Following the lead of some of the most forward-thinking countries in the world—countries which have demonstrated a genuine commitment both to their citizens and to the environment with their bikesharing programs—DDOT put its “money where its mouth is,” so to speak.

Overwhelmingly, Capital Bikeshare has been welcomed by the majority of area residents with enthusiasm, even gratitude. As expected, however, malcontents have emerged here and there to voice concerns ranging from differing perspectives regarding what the District’s priorities should be to arguments bordering on conspiracy theories.

Karina Ricks, Associate Director for DDOT’s Policy, Planning & Sustainability Administration, recently issued a strongly worded statement on DDOT’s blog...