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By goDCgo . on 4/14/2011

An employer-sponsored Bike to Work Day event is an excellent way to encourage bicycle commuting and travel at your organization. Commuter Connections, a regional network of transportation organizations, recently published some tips on organizing your own Bike to Work event for Bike to Work day if one of the official pit stops isn't located near your office. Here are some of their suggestions, mixed in with a few of our own!

Appoint a Bike to Work day coordinator. Budget for food and small prizes (t-shirts, water bottles, bike accessories). Publicize, publicize, publicize! Use your Intranet, email company newsletter, fliers or social marketing to get the word out. Inform employees about bicycle parking and shower facilities available at your office. Educate employees about their route -- you can contact goDCgo for free DC Bike Maps. Host a Confident...
By goDCgo . on 4/7/2011

As a program focused on promoting sustainable transportation in and around the District, goDCgo is definitely pro-alternative modes of transit. That doesn’t mean, however, that we are anti-car. After all, ridesharing is a great way to get around, especially if you have limited options. Here are some smart tips to help you save money and fuel and reduce your emissions while driving, courtesy of EcoDriving USA:

Avoid rapid starts and stops. Gentle acceleration and braking habits can save you more than $1 per gallon according to the EPA. Maintain a constant speed as much as possible. Not only does this help to reduce traffic congestion, you are reducing the energy required to get your vehicle moving again. Save your air conditioning for higher speeds. When driving less than 40 mph, rolling down your windows is more economical...
By goDCgo . on 4/1/2011
Here at goDCgo, we love the freedom that Zipcar and Connect by Hertz offer District residents who choose to live car-free. Now, new companies are putting an interesting spin on the car sharing concept with what’s being called “neighbor to neighbor” or “peer to peer” car sharing. The idea is to allow individual car owners to rent out their vehicles when they are not using them to non-car owners. The arrangement benefits both owner and renter: the owner is able to offset the cost of car ownership and maintenance—potentially earning up to $7,400 a year depending on the type of car and number of rental hours; and the renter may find lower rates and more convenient locations of vehicles. And as an added bonus, every shared car replaces approximately 14 cars on the road, leading to less road congestion and pollution.

To date, three businesses using the “neighborhood” car sharing concept have taken off in several U.S. cities. For the most part, all three companies have similar technologies for installing...