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By goDCgo . on 1/27/2011

Plans for the DC Streetcar system have been in the works for several years and construction has already begun on the Anacostia line, where service is planned to begin in the fall of 2012. As a newcomer to the DC area, I still ask many questions. Here was my question about the streetcar system: huh? Translated, that means: if DC already has Metrorail, Metrobus, the Circulator and Capital Bikeshare, why do we require another separate transportation system? Why not expand the bus system instead? I was flummoxed.

If you too have questioned the logic of re-introducing a streetcar system to our beloved city (yes, DC had streetcars right up until the mid-1960’s), here’s a bit of background.

The genesis of the streetcar idea didn’t come out of thin air. There were no secret backroom meetings with someone saying, “Ooh, I know. Let’s go streetcar— soooo retro!” An actual study was conducted by the District of Columbia...
By goDCgo . on 1/25/2011
With more and more people using smart phones, apps are becoming increasingly valuable tools in helping to access information on-the-go. This certainly holds true in our daily commutes. Apps are being released every day to help make us more mobile, efficient commuters. For example, I can't tell you how many times Google Maps bailed me out during my first few weeks in the area, last summer. Here are a few of my other favorite free apps* for using public transportation in the DC Metro area.

*I use the Android OS

DC Metro Transit

This free app offers (mostly) reliable real-time information about Metrorail arrival times. It also includes a Metrorail system map and up to date information about service disruptions and delays.

The application also includes information on Metrobus and Circulator stops and arrival times, as well as a feature allowing you to use your phone's GPS to find the nearest station or stop.

Point to Point

This new mobile site from CommuterPage.com lets...
By goDCgo . on 1/19/2011
Do you dream of the day when you can commute anywhere along the northeast corridor, from DC to Boston in a fraction of the time it currently takes?  

The organization America 2050 recently released a study indentifying the high-speed rail corridors with the greatest ridership potential throughout the nation. Over 7,870 rail corridors of less than 600 miles were evaluated based on data about population, employment, transit ridership and highway congestion. The Washington, D.C. to New York corridor ranked the highest on their scale with a score of 20.15; Boston to New York came in a close second at 19.87.

You may already be familiar with Amtrak’s Acela trains and consider them to be “high-speed;” but this service actually only falls within the medium-high speed range. Introduced in 2000, Acela serves...
By goDCgo . on 1/18/2011
No sooner had the effects of our New Year’s Eve activities worn off than economists pounced to deliver the dreary news about what we can expect for our economy in 2011. Foreclosures are going to peak in 2011? Awesome. Thanks.


The District is not immune to this trend, which will mean hundreds of DC residents who are forced to move from their homes, probably settling in less expensive suburbs. This is exactly the kind of scenario we want to avoid in terms of the effect it has on transportation and commuting in our region. As people flock to the suburbs, from DC or elsewhere, they increase both traffic congestion and the need for additional transportation infrastructure and maintenance. goDCgo strongly encourages a “live near your work” strategy to reduce ill effects on an already-stressed transportation system and to improve the quality of life of those who work in DC—by remaining in DC.


We’re thrilled to be able to share some good news for District residents! The Housing Finance...