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By goDCgo . on 12/29/2010
The New Year is upon us and, for many people, that means it’s resolution time—time to reinvent oneself, give up an old habit or try something new. If you’re like me, perhaps you have gradually lowered the bar on the things you promise to do in the coming year to simpler expectations, like cleaning out the fish bowl with more regularity or always remembering to bring a towel to the shower. So if you find yourself grasping for meaningful changes to make, here’s a list of five easy-to-do, yet significant actions to start off 2011 on the right foot.

1)      Every time I think it’s too much of a hassle to walk less than a mile to the grocery store, I’ll remember that people used to do it all the time. I’ll pretend I’m an early American settler walking across mountains to find a better way of life, or in my case, a gallon of milk. It’ll be an adventure!

2)      I will continue to use the Metro and exercise a Zen-like patience while waiting for maintenance on the orange line to be complete. I’ll leave a...
By goDCgo . on 12/28/2010
DC area residents LOVE to complain about how crowded the Metro is during their daily work commutes. It sometimes seems as though complaining about Metro is the glue that holds us together and gives us a sense of solidarity. And, in fact, a shocking two-thirds or more of daily ridership occurs during rush hour.

The blog of Metro’s Office of Long Range Planning, PlanItMetro, recently published some fun little statistical data from a 2009 study (bear with us, we’re going somewhere with this). Their graph illustrates volume between 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and shows that the Red and Orange/Blue lines have the highest passenger ridership during the morning rush. The most heavily traveled segments are Woodley Park to Farragut North (eastbound Red Line), Gallery Place to Metro Center (westbound Orange/Blue Lines) and Rosslyn to Farragut West (eastbound Orange/Blue lines). Interestingly, the Green Line is most traveled a full half hour earlier than the others, with its highest ridership occurring between 7:30 a.m....
By goDCgo . on 12/21/2010

DDOT reminds me of one of those little baseball pitching machines that’s been cranked up to maximum fastball speed—because after introducing a string of innovative transportation programs, including Capital Bikeshare, solar-powered parking meters, electric car charging stations and the beginnings of the DC streetcar system among others, they’re flinging another one at us. This time, DDOT is bringing the District’s first multi-modal digital display screen, which will be installed in bus shelters throughout DC and will provide real-time information about a variety of transportation modes.

The pilot screen was installed yesterday at the intersection of 14th and U Streets, NW, in the ground floor window of the Reeves Center. DDOT Director Gabe Klein explained, “This pilot demonstrates how a more robust platform with state-of-the-art technology can empower travelers with even more information in-place where they need it. Multiple transportation options are layered on this one dynamic display – not just buses, but Metrorail, bikesharing and carsharing as well.”

By goDCgo . on 12/20/2010
After weeks of waiting in a state of tense anticipation, we finally have good news about the extension of transit benefits. The $230 benefit, which helps employees cover their commuting transportation costs, was part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and was set to expire on December 31st, reducing the benefit to $120 per month.

On the evening of December 16, with the deadline looming, the House passed the bill to extend the “Bush/Middle Class tax cuts”. On December 17, 2010, President Obama signed the legislation making extension official. With the signing, the transit benefit will stay at $230 per month through December 31, 2011.

Employers: please inform your employees of the extension and make any necessary adjustments. With transit fares increasing and the cost of gasoline going up, it is more important than ever to take advantage of the transit benefit and this extension.

If you have any questions, please contact goDCgo at 202-299-2186 or info@godcgo.com....
By goDCgo . on 12/17/2010
We recently came across an interesting article published in the Washington Post reporting a significant decrease in people commuting daily alone by car. This made us so very happy since, as you may be aware, our very raison d’être is to gently cajole our neighbors out of their cars (at least once a week).  The benefits of doing so are numerous and we frequently refer to the following: reduction in traffic congestion reduction in air pollution health benefits cost benefits environmental benefits So it’s nice to see that we’re not the only ones getting the message even as we speculate that we’re the only ones who actually read our own blog (helloooo…anyone out there?) But I digress. WaPo cites some noteworthy stats that can make us all proud to be Washingtonians. Here are some favorites: We come in 2nd to New York as the city with the most people using public transit. Yeah, well we have Capital Bikeshare. Take that! During the years 2004-2009, 14% of locals take public...
By goDCgo . on 12/16/2010
We posted cold weather cycling tips in a previous post, so now it’s time for some winter walking safety tips for pedestrians that share our roadways. Walking during the winter months can be dangerous due to slippery sidewalks and decreased visibility. In fact – nearly 40% of all pedestrian fatalities occur between October and December, and 25% of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents die between 4 and 8 pm. With the proper safety precautions, however, winter walking can be a safe and enjoyable experience.

Dress warmly – dressing appropriately for the cold will make walking a much more enjoyable experience – and prevent you from darting across the crosswalk as the light changes so that you can get to a warm destination that much quicker, which could be dangerous. Wear comfortable and sensible shoes – everyone has experienced or witnessed an ice mishap, and these are often due to shoes ill-suited for slippery roads or snow. Consider reflective gear – drivers have decreased visibility in...
By goDCgo . on 12/14/2010
Ikea is our new hero! Last week, the Swedish company revealed 12, 400 bicycles as a holiday gift to each and every employee at all of their 37 U.S. locations. Citing health and environmental reasons as the impetus for selecting a bike as the 2010 employee gift, Ikea US President Mike Ward stated, “We hope this bike will be taken in the spirit of the season while supporting a healthy lifestyle and everyday sustainable transport."

We understand that not all companies can afford to be so generous. However, employers can work with goDCgo’s Employer Services to learn more about healthier, sustainable transportation alternatives to driving, which can be included in a customized transit benefits package to offer employees. If you’re looking to freshen up your transit benefits, check out “BikeBrand Your Biz,” a program designed to make businesses more bike-friendly. goDCgo...
By goDCgo . on 12/8/2010
It’s hard to believe it’s already December! While the D.C. area doesn’t generally get the kind of snow we saw last year, we certainly see our fair share of occasional flurries, as well as miserably cold temperatures and wet weather which can make for slick and treacherous conditions when biking on roads and trails. And as the days get shorter, most cyclists will probably be riding home from work in the dark. So, if you plan to continue commuting by bike through the winter months, start preparing now in order to stay warm and safe as weather conditions shift.

For tips on cold-weather commuting, we turned to the experts on doing just about anything in frigid, inclement weather: Canadians. The city of Toronto put out an impressive compilation of winter biking tips. Here are just a few important suggestions:

Before You Ride:

Leave extra time to cycle more slowly in wet and snowy conditions. In case of snow, adjust your fenders, if necessary, so that there...
By goDCgo . on 12/7/2010
Ahhh….the holiday season is upon us again, replete with its many joys: rosy-cheeked, smiling children, twinkling lights, the smell of baking cookies, the opportunity to dress your dog like a reindeer and tell all your friends that “he really likes it.” But it also carries just a wee bit of stress. There’s the baking of said cookies, hanging the pretty lights, travel plans, menus, and, of course, shopping. Lots and lots of shopping.

Which brings us around to goDCgo's predictably favorite question: how do you plan to get there? Here's a hint: don't drive! As we get closer to Christmas, the traffic around the area’s most popular shopping destinations will increase, and nothing promises to drain you of holiday cheer as certainly as sitting in traffic. And it’s not just any old traffic. No, it’s the “must-get-to-mall-before-the-person-next-to-me-who-is-trying-to-merge” variety in deadly combination with the “I-will-definitely-get-there-faster-if-I-block-this-intersection” type of traffic. And then there are the parking lots, a breeding ground for bad behavior. (Note: please don’t send someone from your car to stand in a parking place. That almost never ends well.)

By goDCgo . on 12/6/2010
There is some great information in this month's newsletter on earning cash to carpool, making your business more bike friendly and the latest updates on our interactive map. Read more here.