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goDCgo University Services

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goDCgo University Services focuses on the implementation and marketing of sustainable transportation strategies and programs to the District’s many prestigious universities. These efforts are designed to identify transportation options and improve the daily travel of students, faculty and staff to reduce congestion both on campus and around the city. As an added bonus, all of our consulting services are complimentary.

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No two universities are exactly the same. Want to tell us about a transportation obstacle your campus is facing? Have an idea about how we can help or participate in campus activities? Let us know!

Support for Sustainable Transportation Coordinators

Transportation Surveys

Online SurveyImproving your university's transportation program requires having a better understanding of your community’s commuting habits, issues and needs. goDCgo’s University Services program encourages all universities to conduct an annual transportation survey. The survey results will help you to create, expand or improve your organization’s commuter benefits program and we work with you through the process by providing recommendations and tools for implementation.

Recognition and Awards

Nationally recognized awards and designations help boost your university’s status and desirability.  goDCgo can assist with the application process for nationally recognized awards such as the Bike Friendly University designation and the Best Work Places for Commuters.

Ongoing Consultation

Our support never stops! We’ll be there to help support your programs every step of the way by continuously providing you with the tools you need.

Marketing and Outreach

Onsite Promotions

goDCgo will help to promote your transportation through seminars, special events, transportation or benefit fairs and other exciting activities. We’ll attend and help organize events such as student orientations, employee benefits fair and more. A simple tabletop or booth display filled with brochures, flyers and giveaways pertaining to different transportation options can help to create excitement among your students, staff and faculty. They will find plenty of helpful information about travelling by transit, biking, walking, vanpooling and carpooling.

Transit Screens

Large Transit ScreenTransit screens provide customizable real time transit information on display anywhere you’d like.  Place them in your lobbies, cafeterias and any other area where you’ll need transit information on the fly!

Customized Marketing Materials

goDCgo University Services takes the the guess work out of your marketing efforts by creating customized marketing materials unique to your university’s needs. Whether you want an internal memo to discuss changes to your benefits program, posters to promote an upcoming transportation fair or compelling copy for your intranet about commuting, goDCgo’s consultants are here to help.  We also offer customized materials to distribute to new employees or place in new student orientation packets.  These materials provide a list of transportation options closest to your campus and programs available.

Biking Education and Support

Bicycle Classes

goDCgo coordinates with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) to host onsite Confident City Cycling classes.  Classes cover safety, equipment, basic maintenance, laws, and more. In addition to being useful refreshers for experienced riders, cycling classes are a great confidence building tool for novice cyclists.

Bike Friendly University Program

League of American Bicyclists logoThe Bicycle Friendly University program, operated by the League of American Bicyclists, recognizes institutions of higher education for promoting and providing a more bikeable campus for students, staff, and visitors.  The program honors innovative, bike-friendly efforts and provides technical assistance and information to help Universities become even better for bicyclists. goDCgo can help strengthen your application by sponsoring bicycle safety classes and providing bicycle resources and maps.

Bicycle Racks

If you really want to make your campus pop, let us help you install an art rack. There are dozens of styles to choose from and you can even create your own. Here’s the deal: you buy the rack and DDOT will install it for free. We will help you select from a variety of options. Prices range from $500 to $1,500 per rack. As an added bonus to universities in the District, we’ll handle the permitting!

Capital Bikeshare

Man and woman on Capital BikeshareA membership with Capital Bikeshare provides access to thousands of bikes and hundreds of stations throughout the District, Arlington, Alexandria and Montgomery County and gives your students another option of getting to and from school or traveling throughout the day. goDCgo will help you implement a corporate membership and assist you every step of the way!

*Student discounts are available through bulk purchases.