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Teleworking, also known as telecommuting, is an innovative business and commuting solution that provides employers flexibility by allowing employees to perform their business duties outside the traditional office for one to five days per week. On telework days, employees work from home, a local coffee shop, a satellite office, one of 19 regional telework centers or one of 100 regional touchdown locations.

Telework is becoming an increasingly popular option for many employees and employers. According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments 2010 State of the Commute report, 23.5% of the employees in the region have teleworked either regularly or occasionally. All of these employees reap the rewards of not having to spend hours commuting every day, leaving more time for family and personal activities.

Benefits of the program

Telework is an effective tool for businesses needing a competitive edge. By improving productivity and cutting overhead costs, telework can help maximize profits and allow an organization to expand and prosper in the long run. Businesses that offer telework have strengthened employee recruitment and retention, reduced absenteeism, sick leave, and late arrivals, and increased employee productivity, satisfaction and morale. Offering telework also enhances the public recognition of your organization as an innovative business and as a good corporate citizen.

goDCgo Employer Services can provide support and consultation throughout the telework implementation process. Our consultants can provide information on telework programs and answer questions, explain different telework program options, help you design the program customized for your organization’s needs and act as a liaison to other teleworking resources.

Once guidelines and procedures have been put into place, educating employees is the key to a telework program’s success. goDCgo can help plan a workshop or seminar to explain telework to managers and staff and assist in spreading the word through customized emails, posters or brochures on your program.

View the presentation from our June 2012 seminar, Telework Made Easy, for implementation strategies and work site options and facts on telecommuters in our region.

Metropolitan Washington Telework Centers

There are 19 telework centers and 100 touchdown locations in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area. The centers offer a variety of work settings (e.g., cubicles, shared work stations, and private offices), computer and telecommunications equipment, and support. Other services such as photocopying, faxing, Internet access, and videoconferencing are also available. The Telework Centers offer a range of competitively priced work options. For a listing of regional telework centers and for more detailed information, visit or

The District now has a service called touchdownSPACE, a network of on-demand professional workspace providers. touchdownSPACE offers corporate memberships for employers with mobile workers who need a place to touchdown or those who need a place to work close to home on telework days. For more information, visit