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Creating a Commute-Friendly Workplace

Your employees have many options for getting to work and moving around throughout the day. Help them choose sustainable, cost-effective, stress-free modes by providing commuter benefits and promoting all the available transportation options.

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Mass Transit

DC employers are now required to offer pre-tax deductions or employer-paid subsidies to offset the cost of commuting. Offering transit benefits and providing helpful information are great ways to encourage the use of sustainable transit options, such as Metro and buses, which helps ease traffic congestion while reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

The District’s mass transit options include:

·         Metrorail

·         DC Circulator

·         Metrobus

·         Regional buses

·         VRE (regional)

·         MARC (regional)

·         DC Streetcar


Contact goDCgo for complimentary maps and brochures on your local and regional transportation options.


Encouraging your employees, customers and visitors to bike is a great way to promote an environmentally friendly travel mode and a healthier workforce. From bike maps to corporate Capital Bikeshare memberships, goDCgo has you covered.

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Washington, DC is a Gold-level Walk Friendly Community. Help your employees choose the healthiest, most sustainable mode of transportation there is – their own two feet!

Walking programs are not only a great way to energize and motivate your employees, but also are proven ways to cut down on insurance and health care costs. There are many options for putting together a program to promote walking to work, during lunch, or throughout the day. goDCgo Employer Services consultants will work closely with you to design promotional flyers, emails and memos and promote walking at seminars or fairs.

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Carpool & Vanpool

Promoting carpooling and vanpooling options for employees can save your organization money and help with recruitment and retention by providing a more inclusive benefits package. Poolers not only reduce congestion on the roads, but free up parking spaces in parking lots and garages. If you own or lease parking facilities for employees, this could save your company an average of $150 per space per month, and you could potentially save over $1,800 a year per space reduced.

Pre-tax and subsidized transit benefits may be used toward vanpool fares for employees who do not live near transit but still want to reap the rewards of shared transportation.

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Telework is an innovative business and commuting solution that provides employers flexibility by allowing employees to perform their business duties outside the traditional office.

Telework is becoming an increasingly popular option for many employees and employers. According to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments 2013 State of the Commute report, 25% of the employees in the region telework either regularly or occasionally. These employees reap the rewards of not having to spend hours commuting every day, leaving more time for family and personal activities.

By improving productivity and cutting overhead costs, telework can help maximize profits and allow an organization to expand and prosper in the long run. Businesses that offer telework have strengthened employee recruitment and retention, reduced absenteeism, sick leave, and late arrivals, and increased employee productivity, satisfaction and morale.

Alternative Work Schedules

Alternatives to the typical work week encompass three different work schedule variations: flextime, compressed work weeks and staggered work hours. Many participating organizations report less absenteeism, fewer late employees and less use of sick leave. With the use of flextime or staggered work hours, congestion during peak travel times is reduced and valuable time typically spent by employees commuting is lessened.

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